Akron-Centric Items

I live here, I went to college here. Share my love of Akron with my unique mix of Akron-centric Art.

Please note: In an effort to spend more time on creating original art, I am liquidating my stock of Akron items. You can order them online at my online store. SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED. You can also find many items at the Paper Mill in West Akron.

sunthingspecial_hoodie Limited edition hoodies, S-XL, $27.99 each. You can order any color, as long as it's black. ;)

For Sale - Original Paintings

sunthingspecial_P_Akron_Polskys sunthingspecial_peaceloveakron 

"Polsky's" "Peace Love Akron"

sunthingspecial_highland sunthingspecial_akronartwalk

"Highland Theatre" "Akron Artwalk"

"St. Bernard's", 10"x8" original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, 2012,

"West Point Market", 10"x8" original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, 2012

sunthingspecial_P_Akron_Luigis "Luigi's"

sunthingspecial_LSP_Akron $12


sunthingspecial_duckbuttons $.50

sunthingspecial_burgundypen $1

sunthingspecial_postcardcollection sunthingspecial_akronrolls sunthingspecial_myakroncards sunthingspecial_akronderbycarsunthingspecial_qphotos sunthingspecial_popartblimps sunthingspecial_typeakron sunthingspecial_luigissunthingspecial_wpm sunthingspecial_womanscityclub sunthingspecial_lebronpc sunthingspecial_coffeemug sunthingdspecial_keepcalm sunthingspecial_akronblimp 

sunthingspecial_akronsky sunthingspecial_pcstylizeddowntown sunthingspecial_akrondawn 

sunthingspecial_postcard_yoga sunthingspecial_postcardlock3 Postcards $.25-$.75


sunthingspecial_mininotebooks $2 sunthingspecial_akroncling  $2 (window static sticker)

sunthingspecial_woodensnowflake $2.50


sunthingspecial_akronmetalmagnet  sunthingspecial_lebronmagnetsunthingspecial_myakronmagnet Magnets (also pastel) $3

sunthingspecial_blimpcliponlights sunthingspecial_golftowel sunthingspecial_beadedkeychain sunthingspecial_neckwallet $3.50


 sunthingspecial_blimpbackpacksunthingspecial_akrontravelmugs $4


sunthingspecial_akronwoodluggagetag $5

sunthingspecial_qmugsunthingspecial_akronskymug $8

"Akron views in blimp Qs" was selected for the "Fresh Art with Q" show at the Summit Artspace Gallery. Get your own museum-quality 11"x14" prints for $35.



Prices start at $12 for a signed, matted 5x7.




sunthingspecial_lsp_ua sunthingspecial_lsp_route8 sunthingspecial_lsp_akronblimp 

sunthingspecial_sszippysunthingspecial_akronrollscard sunthingspecial_akroncard 

sunthingspecial_2012 ornament sunthingspecial_glittersnowman sunthingspecial_aam_frontsunthingspecial_2ornaments sunthingspecial_ballornaments  

 sunthingspecial_postcard purse


sunthingspecial_hoodiessunthingspecial_blimp_wlsunthingspecial_ltblutsunthingspecial_ltgrayt sunthingspecial_bluet sunthingspecial_redt 


sunthingspecial_akronmug_greenivorysunthingspecial_justduckymug sunthingspecial_mugsunthingspecial_myakronmugsunthingspecial_redandwhitemug

sunthingspecial_beerglass sunthingspecial_wineglasses

sunthingspecial_akronorbustptg sunthingspecial_celebrateakron


Social Commentary Pieces

COVID-19 Artwork

As much as we need all the happy art we can get now, I just can't do it. I have too much turmoil inside, and one way I've been able to release some of it is through dark paintings. They are similar to "street art", and the rat theme is inspired by legendary street artist Banksy, who commonly uses rats in his work. I draw and cut stencils, spray paint and then use a paint market to draw in the details.

sunthingspecial_rat_badtothebone sunthingspecial_rat_hawk sunthingspecial_rat_kingsunthingspecial_snake_revengesunthingspecial_rat_runsunthingspecial_rat_bezossunthingspecial_rat_eatenalivesunthingspecial_rat_owl sunthingspecial_rat_cannibal sunthingspecial_rat_eatcakesunthingspecial_rat_lockhimupsunthingspecial_rat_trumpinhell sunthingspecial_rat_timestoodstillsunthinspecial_rat_nowayout sunthingspecial_rat_endofroad sunthingspecial_rat_mwahahaha sunthingspecial_rat_cheshirecat sunthingspecial_rat_drinking sunthingspecial_rat_kaboom sunthingspecial_rat_trump_vomit

About the current occupant of the White House ...

... his agenda and his policies; but also my hopes for better days.


"The Day His Laughter Died (11/8/16)" "The Day Her Laughter Died (11/8/16)"


"Court Jester" "Desperately Seeking ..."


"Let Them In" "Crossroads"


"Dark Days" "Vigilance"


"Fear Can Turn Your Heart Black" "Sunflower"


"Up in Smoke" "Not on my Watch"


"Global Warming Warning", acrylic on 8x8" wooden box, 2015, NFS

sunthingspecial_M_2016_windsofchange sunthingspecial_M_2017_fries 

Marker, "Winds of Change" and "Would you like lies with that?"


"Hate Speech". Marker and paint on scrap wood. 2018.


In the summer of 2017 these pastel faces poured out of me. When the #MeToo movement began that fall, I realized these faces could all be those of "MeToo" survivors. 

sunthingspecial_metoo_innocencelostsunthingspecial_metoo_tina sunthingspecial_metoo_destroyed

#MeToo: Innocence Lost, #MeToo: Tina, #MeToo: Destroyed
sunthingspecial_metoo_ididntseeanything sunthingspecial_played sunthingspecial_metoo_blame
#MeToo: I Saw Nothing, #MeToo: Played, #MeToo: Denier
sunthingspecial_metoo_toougly sunthingspecial_metoo_sheaskedforit sunthingspecial_metoo_duty
#MeToo: Too Ugly, #MeToo: She Asked for It, #MeToo: Duty
sunthingspecial_metoo_empty sunthingspecial-metoo_futility sunthingspecial_metoo_imprisoned
#MeToo: Empty, #MeToo: Powerless, #MeToo: Imprisoned
#MeToo: Stripped
Some of the paintings shown in the first section can also express aspects of abuse as well as these:
"Haunted", 2015
About the environment

"Who speaks for the trees", 11"x14", on stretched canvas, $45

For a long time, my purpose as an artist has been to bring a smile to people's faces

But now, my purpose as an artist is also to help promote mental health awareness

My name is Cari Miller. I am an award-winning artist and my art can be found in homes and offices around the world. I also have Bipolar Disorder 2 (formerly known as manic-depressive disorder) with generalized anxiety disorder along with mild PTSD. I am in talk therapy and on meds but every day is a struggle. In 2020 I was in a very long depressive state. Except for a brief period in that summer, I completely stopped painting.

A few months ago a good friend recommended drawing a quick sketch every day, if possible. The result is this collection of drawings I have been making since May 16, 2021. I am posting  some of the most recent ones that chronicle the way I feel at the time I do the sketches. If you relate to some of these, I hope it makes you feel less alone. And if you don't, maybe it will give you insight into the head of someone with a mental illness. (If you'd like to use any of these images, please ask for permission as this is my original artwork.) #youarenotalone #endthestigma

SunthingSpecial_WhateverBringsYouComfort 10/25/21, "Whatever Brings You Comfort", Marker

SunthingSpecial_KitchenGuiltTrip 10/25/21, "Kitchen Guilt Trip", Marker

SunthingSpecial_Depression 10/25/21, "Depression, Thesaurusized", Marker

SunthingSpecial_BipolarTalkativeness 10/17/21, "Bipolar Talkativeness", Marker

 For many, many more please go to the "Daily Drawings" menu on the right -- they are organized by month

Oh! And I love postcards!

That's why I sell more than 50!!! unique reproductions of my artwork and photos in my Etsy shop. Like these new ones! Postcards are 4x6"  and cost $3 for a set of 3 design and FREE SHIPPING!!


What else should you know about me?

  • I'm a pretty much self-taught artist who works out of my home in Akron, Ohio
  • I am best known for my acrylic paintings on canvas, photography, works with recycled objects and works that promote the City of Akron.
  • I also use other media like markers, watercolors, color pencils, pastels, clay, etc.
  • I am known for my "happy" art
  • One of my small claims to fame is having six of my sun images on "CBS Sunday Morning" a total of at least 12 times! Click "Publicity" on the right to see actual clips from the shows.
    • The first image below is the most popular: "Night and Day 2002".
    • Another piece was used as "wallpaper".
    • They also used "Night and Day 2002" in a graphic which opened a segment on how suns are chosen for the show, and "Sun Swirl 2014" is on the show's slide show of just 37 of the 9,000+ suns shown over the show's 40-year history.

Night And Day 2002   sunthingspecial_moment

 sunthingspecial_cbsopeninggraphic sunthingspecial_cbssungallery

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