Big News if you live in the Akron area ...

I'm now one of 60+ local vendors at Northside Marketplace, just north of Downtown Akron! It's SUCH a cool place -- more than 60 local vendors plus food, booze and more! Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11-7, Sunday 11-3 and closed Monday. It's right in the middle of an artsy district (and a stone's throw from the famous Luigi's pizza!). Merchandise is always changing, so stop by anytime you're in the area!

Lots of postcards for sale on Etsy!

Do you like to send postcards as much as I do? Then you're in luck! I have 96, yes 96, unique designs made from my paintings and photographs all commercially printed on premium cardstock. Flowers, skies, suns, dogs, cats and lots more! They come in individual packs of three, preselected sets or you can build your own! Here are some of the images:

 SunthingSpecial_gmsunshine sunthingspecial_boots SunthingSpecial_FragmentsSunthingSpecial_NightandDay2002

sunthingspecial_firstmate sunthingspecial_frolicSunthingSpecial_PenguinandtheMoonSunthingSpecial_SaturdayAfternoonSunthingSpecial_Sunflower SunthingSpecial_Wish SunthingSpecial_magentaflowersSunthingSpecial_IcelandSunset

 What else should you know about me?

  • I'm a pretty much self-taught artist who works out of my home in Akron, Ohio
  • I am best known for my acrylic paintings on canvas, photography, works with recycled objects and works that promote the City of Akron.
  • I also use other media like markers, watercolors, color pencils, pastels, clay, etc.
  • I am known for my "happy" art
  • One of my small claims to fame is having six of my sun images on "CBS Sunday Morning" a total of at least 12 times! Click "Publicity" on the right to see actual clips from the shows.
    • The first image below is the most popular: "Night and Day 2002".
    • Another piece was used as "wallpaper".
    • They also used "Night and Day 2002" in a graphic which opened a segment on how suns are chosen for the show, and "Sun Swirl 2014" is on the show's slide show of just 37 of the 9,000+ suns shown over the show's 40-year history.

Night And Day 2002   sunthingspecial_moment

 sunthingspecial_cbsopeninggraphic sunthingspecial_cbssungallery


Let's get personal

In the past, I created a lot of bright and fun art. But in the past few years, my work has gotten much more personal. I have been using a variety of media to help express some of my feelings with what's going on in the world, as well as what's going on in my head as I deal with having Bipolar Disorder 2, anxiety and PTSD (I get counseliing and take meds but every day is still a struggle). Here are some samples. For more, click on the "Daily Drawings" tab on the right.

The War on Ukraine

sunthingspecial_2022_0316_MyHeroes"My Heroes"  SunthingSpecial_2022_0315_IStandwithUkraine "I Stand with Ukraine"

SunthingSpecial_2022_0310_TheFaceofEvil "The Face of Evil" SunthingSpecial_2022_0309_ItsPutinsWar"It's Putin's War"

   SunthingSpecial_2022_0223_Chained"Chained"  SunthingSpecial_2022_0210_DaysWithoutSadness"Days Without Sadness"


 SunthingSpecial_BipolarTalkativeness "Bipolar Talkativeness" SunthingSpecial_(Hypo)manic Spinning "(Hypo)manic Spinning"

Would you like some of my art for your own?

Go to my spot in Northside Marketplace

Visit my Etsy Shop (with select items) 

This Website: I had to redo this site so it is kind of an incomplete mess. I will try to update it as I can. :) But if you'd like more info about anything, let me know. 

To Contact Me: please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text me at 330-208-5693.