SunthingSpecial_WhateverBringsYouComfort 10/25/21, "Whatever Brings You Comfort", Marker

SunthingSpecial_KitchenGuiltTrip 10/25/21, "Kitchen Guilt Trip", Marker

SunthingSpecial_Depression 10/25/21, "Depression, Thesaurusized", Marker

SunthingSpecial_HappyHour 10/20/21, "Happy Hour ... Or Rather, an Hour of Happy", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1019_ToughTimes 10/19/21, "Tough Times for a Lot of Good People Right Now", Marker

 SunthingSpecial_BipolarTalkativeness 10/17/21, "Bipolar Talkativeness", Marker

SunthingSpecial_HypomanicSpending 10/17/21, "(Hypo)manic Spending (Good Thing I Love Thrift Shopping!)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_(Hypo)manic Spinning 10/17/21, "(Hypo)manic Spinning", Marker

sunthingspecial_DifferentDirections 10/16/21, "Different Directions", Marker

SunthingSpecial_IncreasedMentalClarity10/12/21, "Increased Mental Clarity and Productivity ... Could I Be Headed to a Hypomania?", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1010_ImGladWeAreinThisTogether 10/10/21, "I'm Glad We Are in This Together", Marker

sunthingspecial_1009_whatshouldneverbeseen 10/9/21, "What Should Never Be Seen (Or Heard)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1008_SometimesIFeelLike 10/8/21, "Sometimes I Feel Like ...", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1008_Tangles 10/8/21, "Tangles", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1008_Trash10/8/21, "Trash", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1007_WhatintheSamHillisGoingOn 10/7/21, "What in the Sam Hill Is Going On?", Marker

 SunthingSpecial_2021_1007_ItGetsSoGray 10/7/21, "It Gets So Gray, But Why Does the Rain Never Come?", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1006_Cracked 10/6/21, "Cracked", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1006_TheMissingPieces  10/6/21, "The Missing Pieces -- Where Are They Going? And Why?", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1006_SoundingLikeaBrokenRecords 10/6/21, "Sounding Like a Broken Record(s)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1005_TheMissingPieces 10/5/21,"The Missing Pieces, Where Did They Go?", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1006_ApparentSelfPortrait 10/4/21, "Apparent Self Portrait", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1003_IsItBedtimeYet? 10/3/21, "Is It Bedtime Yet? (Depressive State)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1002_RestingFace 10/2/21, "Resting Face (Depressive State)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_1002_OfftoaBrighterFuture 10/2/21, "Off to a Brighter Future (But Letting Go Is Hard)", Marker