SunthingSpecial_2021_0930_ThingsAreStarting 9/30/21, "Things Are Starting to Look Different (and It Makes Me So Sad)", Marker

 SunthingSpecial_2021_0930_AMatterofTime 9/30/21, "A Matter of Time", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0927_LifeIsNotFair9/27/21, "Life Is Not Fair", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0927_ForeverBrokenHearted 9/27/21, "Forever Broken-Hearted", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0923_SleepTheGreatEscape 9/23/21, "Sleep: The Great Escape (Depressive State)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0923_DontFeelLikeTalking 9/23/21, "Don't Feel Like Talking (Depressive State), Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0922_WhenAlltheMemories9/22/21, "When All the Memories Are Still So Sad", Marker

SunthingSpecial_0921_WhenYouPutStuffOff 9/21/21, "When You Put Stuff Off For So Long and You Still Don't Feel Like Tackling It", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0921_StartingtoZoneOut 9/21/21, "Starting to Zone Out", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0920_WhatHappensNext 9/20/21, "What Happens Next?", Marker

 SunthingSpecial_2021_0920_(Manic)RacingThoughts 9/20/21, "(Manic) Racing Thoughts", Colored Pencil

SunthingSpecial_2021_0908_ AVividReminder 9/18/21, "A Vivid Reminder of the Passage of Time", Colored Pencil

SunthingSpecial_2021_0918_OneDayofDistractibility 9/18/21 "One Day of (Manic) Distractibility", Colored Pencil

SunthingSpecial_2021_TheresNothingICantDo 9/17/21 "There's Nothing I Can't Do! (Manic Overconfidence)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0914_ManicScribbles 9/14/21 "(10 Minutes of) Manic Scribbles", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0914_ManicCircles 9/14/21 "(10 Minutes of) Manic Circles", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0914_ManicWavelengths 9/14/21, "Manic Wavelengths", Marker

SunthingSpecial_0914_ManicEnergy 9/14/21, "Manic Energy", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0913_NeverGonnaHappen  9/13/21, "Never Gonna Happen", Marker


SunthingSpecial_2021_0912_MadattheWorld  9/12/21, "Mad at the World", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0908_BeYourself 9/8/21, "Be Yourself (and Screw What Everybody Thinks)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0906_TheMemoriesareintheMusic 9/6/21, "The Memories are in the Music ... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0903_NotIntheMood 9/3/21, "Not In The Mood (For The Chance To Find Happiness)", Marker

 SunthingSpecial_2021_0901_Used 9/1/21, "Used", Colored Pencil