Here are some of my newest items on Etsy

Postcards: For a 10% discount on these postcards (which come in sets of 3 for $3, free shipping), as well as other postcard designs, type NEWITEMS as a coupon code when you check out!

Postcards from Photos -- Sample of Images

   SunthingSpecial_winter tree

SunthingSpecial_RainBoots SunthingSpecial_BrokenSunthingSpecial_DrPepperSunthingSpecial_fieldofsunflowers

SunthingSpecial_IcelandicGlasssunthingspecial_LoveHurts SunthingSpecial_magentaflowersSunthingSpecial_IcelandSunset


SunthingSpecial_snowytreeSunthingSpecial_Sunflower SunthingSpecial_Wish



Postcards from Paintings -- Sample of Images



Quotes from Etsy Buyers: 

"I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the primary reason I chose this set of sunflower postcards, but every one of them is outstanding!"

It made an adorable birthday card for my 8-year-old niece--thank you so much!


Mental Health Support: 

SunthingSpecial_MHS_Brave T-shirts, Women Sizes S, M, L and XL. $24.99 with free shipping, limited quantities