Baby being grabbed
Clutched into the Hands of Danger, alcohol ink blot

sunthingspecial_2022_0325_WhosNext 3/25/22, "Who's Next", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2022_0308_Dread 3/8/22, "Dread", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0930_AMatterofTime 9/30/21, "A Matter of Time", Marker


SunthingSpecial_2021_0630_AttackontheInnocent 6/30/21, Attack on the Innocent, Marker

sunthingspecial_0326_Eventhesnowisangry 3/26/22, "Even the Snow is Angry", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0704_WhenTimeIstheEnemy 7/4/21, When Time Is the Enemy, Colored Pencil

sunthingspecial_1009_whatshouldneverbeseen 10/9/21, "What Should Never Be Seen (Or Heard)", Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0828_OuttoGetMe 8/28/21, Out To Get Me, Marker

SunthingSpecial_2021_0808_Wondering(AndFearing)WhattheFutureHolds 8/8/21, Wondering (and Fearing) What the Future Holds

SunthingSpecial_0813_StormySea 8/13/21, Stormy Sea, Marker