About the former occupant of the White House ...

The election results

sunthingspecial_thedayhislaugherdied  sunthingspecial_thedayherlaughterdied

"The Day His Laughter Died (11/8/16)" "The Day Her Laughter Died (11/8/16)" (Note: this was Election Day and how devastated the results left so many crushed)

 sunthingspecial_courtjester    sunthingspecial_upinsmoke

"Court Jester" (Even the sun jester is devastated) and on the right, "Up in Smoke" (How I felt about the future of our country)

  sunthingspecial_crossroads  sunthingspecial_darkdays

"Crossroads" "Dark Days" (On the left, I felt our country was at a crossroads, but took the path of darkness and on the right, I felt our country was indeed headed into darkness)

45's cruel immigration policy 

sunthingspecial_fearcanturnyourheartblack sunthingspecial_vigilance

"Fear Can Turn Your Heart Black" and "Vigilance" (On the left, 45 stirred up fear against anyone "different" and on the right, neighbors turned in neighbors suspected of being illegal immigrants)

sunthingspecial_sunflower  sunthingspecial_letthemin 

"Sunflower" "Let Them In" (On the left, a poem I wrote about immigration, and on the right, the 7 dots symbolized the 7 countries that were not allowed to join the sun)


"Not on my Watch" (I participated in a protest march against the cruel immigration policies enacted)


Summer of 2020

COVID raged and I felt a lot of anger toward 45 and how his actions made everything so so much worse




sunthingspecial_M_2016_windsofchange sunthingspecial_M_2017_fries 

Marker, "Winds of Change" and "Would you like lies with that?"


"Hate Speech". Marker and paint on scrap wood. 2018.



sunthingspecial_desperatelyseeking"Desperately Seeking ..." the qualities I want in a leader