Social Commentary Pieces

COVID-19 Artwork

As much as we need all the happy art we can get now, I just can't do it. I have too much turmoil inside, and one way I've been able to release some of it is through dark paintings. They are similar to "street art", and the rat theme is inspired by legendary street artist Banksy, who commonly uses rats in his work. I draw and cut stencils, spray paint and then use a paint market to draw in the details.

sunthingspecial_rat_badtothebone sunthingspecial_rat_hawk sunthingspecial_rat_kingsunthingspecial_snake_revengesunthingspecial_rat_runsunthingspecial_rat_bezossunthingspecial_rat_eatenalivesunthingspecial_rat_owl sunthingspecial_rat_cannibal sunthingspecial_rat_eatcakesunthingspecial_rat_lockhimupsunthingspecial_rat_trumpinhell sunthingspecial_rat_timestoodstillsunthinspecial_rat_nowayout sunthingspecial_rat_endofroad sunthingspecial_rat_mwahahaha sunthingspecial_rat_cheshirecat sunthingspecial_rat_drinking sunthingspecial_rat_kaboom sunthingspecial_rat_trump_vomit

About the current occupant of the White House ...

... his agenda and his policies; but also my hopes for better days.


"The Day His Laughter Died (11/8/16)" "The Day Her Laughter Died (11/8/16)"


"Court Jester" "Desperately Seeking ..."


"Let Them In" "Crossroads"


"Dark Days" "Vigilance"


"Fear Can Turn Your Heart Black" "Sunflower"


"Up in Smoke" "Not on my Watch"


"Global Warming Warning", acrylic on 8x8" wooden box, 2015, NFS

sunthingspecial_M_2016_windsofchange sunthingspecial_M_2017_fries 

Marker, "Winds of Change" and "Would you like lies with that?"


"Hate Speech". Marker and paint on scrap wood. 2018.


In the summer of 2017 these pastel faces poured out of me. When the #MeToo movement began that fall, I realized these faces could all be those of "MeToo" survivors. 

sunthingspecial_metoo_innocencelostsunthingspecial_metoo_tina sunthingspecial_metoo_destroyed

#MeToo: Innocence Lost, #MeToo: Tina, #MeToo: Destroyed
sunthingspecial_metoo_ididntseeanything sunthingspecial_played sunthingspecial_metoo_blame
#MeToo: I Saw Nothing, #MeToo: Played, #MeToo: Denier
sunthingspecial_metoo_toougly sunthingspecial_metoo_sheaskedforit sunthingspecial_metoo_duty
#MeToo: Too Ugly, #MeToo: She Asked for It, #MeToo: Duty
sunthingspecial_metoo_empty sunthingspecial-metoo_futility sunthingspecial_metoo_imprisoned
#MeToo: Empty, #MeToo: Powerless, #MeToo: Imprisoned
#MeToo: Stripped
Some of the paintings shown in the first section can also express aspects of abuse as well as these:
"Haunted", 2015
About the environment

"Who speaks for the trees", 11"x14", on stretched canvas, $45