COVID-19 Artwork

As much as we need all the happy art we can get now, I just can't do it. I have too much turmoil inside, and one way I've been able to release some of it is through dark paintings. They are similar to "street art", and the rat theme is inspired by legendary street artist Banksy, who commonly uses rats in his work. I draw and cut stencils, spray paint and then use a paint market to draw in the details.

sunthingspecial_rat_badtothebone sunthingspecial_rat_hawk sunthingspecial_rat_kingsunthingspecial_snake_revengesunthingspecial_rat_runsunthingspecial_rat_bezossunthingspecial_rat_eatenalivesunthingspecial_rat_owl sunthingspecial_rat_cannibal sunthingspecial_rat_eatcakesunthingspecial_rat_lockhimupsunthingspecial_rat_trumpinhell sunthingspecial_rat_timestoodstillsunthinspecial_rat_nowayout sunthingspecial_rat_endofroad sunthingspecial_rat_mwahahaha sunthingspecial_rat_cheshirecat sunthingspecial_rat_drinking sunthingspecial_rat_kaboom sunthingspecial_rat_trump_vomit