Mixed Media/Assemblages/Sculptures

The dimensional collages use items that would normally go to landfills. Prices start at $20.

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"Guidance", mixed media collage on 11"x14" stretched canvas, 2017, $30 This was the first of two I did last year (the second was "Just Keep Swimming", below). They were collages using scrap fabric samples I got from Zero Landfill Akron. The gold "puffy paint" as I called it, which I used to cover up the rough edges from cutting the samples, was wonky in many spots, so this piece sat for a long time. Then I decided to use black paint to try to fix it, and here you go. I think these are fun, and I'd like to do more at some point. I called this piece "Guidance" because that's one of the things a peacock symbolizes.

 sunthingspecial_MM_flowerikea1 sunthingspecial_ikeaflower2 sunthingspecial_MM_2hearts sunthingspecial_MM_flowers4sunthingspecial_MM_sunmoonstars sunthingspecial_SC_MM_hatespeechsunthingspecial_3d_reallifeclocksunthingspecial_2017_M_PA_costaricanbird sunthingspecial_manlymansunthingspecial_fish sunthingspecial_womandeconstructed



sunthingspecial_floweronwood sunthingspecial_MM_vase2sunthingspecial_quillvase2 


 sunthingspecial_MM_justkeepswimming sunthingspecial_P_CP_greenpoem 

"Just keep swimming", 10x8" discarded fabric samples and paint on stretched canvas, 2016, NFS

 sunthingspecial_3d_serenity sunthingspecial_myhappyplace