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sunthingspecial_electricity sunthingspecial_findingthelight sunthingspecial_mostlysunny
"Electricity", revised, acrylic on 9x12" stretched canvas, $45
"Finding the Light", 8x10", $40 "Trying to find the light", acrylic on 8:x10" stretched canvas, 2017 This painting was originally going to be the Palace Theatre in Canton. When I had decided to turn it into a sun, I thought of a clever name like, "Palace Under the Sun" (get it, under the sun). Anyway, I decided I wanted to call it something more reflective of the way I was feeling, and I was stumped. Then I saw a tweet from singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles that read "It is trying to find the light sometimes. So I will do just that. I will just keep trying to find the light". I thought that was perfect.
sunthingspecial_driftingaway sunthingspecial_nightandday2016
"Drifting", 2019
 "Night and Day, 2016", acrylic paint on 16"x12" stretched canvas, 2016, $45
sunthingspecial_P_sun_primarycolors sunthingspecial_manhattan
Primary Colors, 16x20, stretched canvas, 2018, $50
"Manhattan", original acrylic on 12"x12" stretched canvas, 2015, $50
sunthingspecial_P_S_zodiacleo sunthingspecial_storyofus
*"Zodiac: Leo", 16x20 original acrylic painting on canvas board, in gold frame, 2008, $85
The work began as a lion made out of paint dots which I was going to make for my son’s bedroom. I pretty much had it done except for the outline when I decided it just wasn’t working for me. So I decided to turn it into a heavily textured, funky sun face instead. But I kept the lion in the work’s title and thought maybe I’d do all the signs of the zodiac as suns and for me, the piece still retains an air of “lion” about it.
"The Story of Us", 16"x16", acrylic, 2014, $65
sunthingspecial_lullaby sunthingspecial_P_S_chasingblues
"Lullaby", 8x10" on stretched canvas, $40
"Chasing the Blues Away", stretched canvas, 2018, $40
sunthingspecial_aftertherain sunthingspecial_intersection
"After the Rain" acrylic paint on stretched canvas. 14"x11", 2015, $40 (small hole in canvas)
"Intersection", 2013, 5x7", $10
sunthingspecial_kleessun sunthingspecial_sorceress
"Klee's Sun", 2016, stretched canvas, $40
"The Sorceress", 2016, stretched canvas, $40
sunthingspecial_courtjester sunthingspecial_desperatelyseeking

"Court Jester", 2017, stretched canvas, $40
"Desperately Seeking ...", 2017, stretched canvas, $35

sunthingspecial_notonmywatch sunthingspecial_unmasked_deception 

"Not on my Watch", 2017, stretched canvas, 8x10", $35
"Unmasked" (collage), 2017, stretched canvas, 8x10", $40

sunthingspecial_crossroads sunthingspecial_letthemin 

"Crossroads", 2017, stretched canvas, 9x12", $40

"Let Them In", 2017, stretched canvas


"Celebrate Diversity", 2017, stretched canvas, 11x14", $45
"Zodiac: Gemini", 11x14 original acrylic painting on canvas board, framed, 2008, $50
This is the second in my ambitiously planned "Zodiac" sun series. I named it "Gemini" because like a Gemini is said to have split personalities, the two sides of the sun differ from each other. I think the eyes of the Gemini look confused, as if it isn't sure which personality to be at the moment. 

sunthinspecial_movingon sunthingspecial_tomorrowsanotherday
"Moving On", acrylic on 8"x8" stretched canvas, 2015. This reminds me of a wheel, always moving on ...
"Tomorrow's Another Day", acrylic on 8"x8" stretched canvas, 2015
sunthingspecial_newday sunthingspecial_sundown
sunthingspecial_starry sunthingspecial_sparkle
"Starry", acrylic paint on found hubcap, 2014, one of 20 limited edition specially painted sun designs, $40 
"Sparkle", acrylic paint on found hubcap, 2014, one of 20 limited edition specially painted sun designs, $40
sunthingspecial_MM_sunmoonstars sunthingspecial_papermachieonscrap  
Painted on papier mache sun and mounted on scrap wood, 8-3/8"x9-7/8", $25
sunthingspecial_sunontherun sunthingspecial_therising
"A Sun on the Run is Fun for a Nun". This was a revision of not one but two previous paintings. I thought it looked Suess-like so I gave it a silly rhyming name. 11x14" stretched canvas, acrylic
"The Rising", acrylic on 5"x10" stretched canvas, $40
"Frenesia", acrylic on 20"x20" stretched canvas, 2016, $85

 SOLD (contact me for prints; also, some images are available on postcards and/or notecards (please see my Etsy shop)
sunthingspecial_fireandashes sunthingspecial_simplertimes
"Fire and Ashes", acrylic on 8"x10" stretched canvas, 2017, SOLD
"Simpler Times", acrylic on 8"x10" stretched canvas, 2017, SOLD
"Stress", 8x10 original acrylic painting on canvas board with embellishments, 2008, framed, SOLD
Guess what frame of mind I was in when I created this piece?
sunthingspecial_sunsurprise sunthingspecial_elsol
"Sun Surprise" acrylic paint on laminate sample, 5-3/4x8-3/4, 2012, sold
"El Sol" acrylic paint on laminate sample, 2012, SOLD
sunthingspecial_soleil sunthingspecial_sunstare
"Sun Soleil", acrylic paint on laminate sample, 2012
"Sun Stare", 14x11 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, SOLD (prints only)
Heavily textured, colorful and with an eye that dares you to look away. 

sunthingspecial_nightandday2002 sunthingspecial_sunrise
Seen on CBS Sunday Morning FOUR times! "Night and Day 2002", 20x16 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2002. This painting was commissioned by a client who had seen the original “Night and Day” but requested a different color scheme to better match her living room. (She ended up putting the piece in her office, where it was a definite focal point.) This is one of only two designs I have repeated.
"Sunrise", 14x11 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003. One of my first sun paintings and because it was one of my favorites I chose to use it as my logo.
sunthingspecial_nightandday2014var sunthingspecial_nightandday2014
"Night and Day 2014, variation"
"Night and Day" 2014

sunthingspecial_nightandday sunthingspecial_moonbeamsandtimemachines
"Night and Day"
"Moonbeams and time machines", 20x16 collage with acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 2011, SOLD

"Rising Star", 14x11 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, SOLD (prints only)
After painting several partial sun faces, I decided to try to paint a whole one. My first attempt was kind of Don Drumm-ish, but not in a good way. In fact, it was actually pretty ugly. So I painted over it and made it a lot “prettier”. It was purchased right away, before it even had a title. When the woman who bought it took it home and showed it to her niece, her niece fell in love with the piece, so the woman gave it to her as a gift. Her niece at that time was very active in the theatre and music, so I named the painting “Rising Star”.
"Awaken", 20x16 original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, 2010, SOLD
If this doesn't wake you up, nothing will
sunthingspecial_sunroyale sunthing special_midnight
Seen on CBS Sunday Morning! "Sun Royale", 10"x8" original acrylic, framed, 2003. I wanted to try my hand at an abstract painting. I wasn't happy with it. I decided the abstract painting should be the jungle and I'd paint an elephant. That still wasn't working. I ended up with a sun -- but without a face like I usually have -- and used gold as my outline color. The colors and texture remind me of tapestries in a castle, hence the name.
Seen on CBS Sunday Morning!!*"Midnight", 11x14 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, framed. This piece seems a little darker and sadder than most of my other sun faces; as if it's midnight and the sun isn't quite sure what it's supposed to be doing."
sunthingspecial_hush sunthingspecial_justvisiting
"Hush", SOLD
"Just Visiting"

 sunthingspecial_sunswirl_og sunthingspecial_sunswirl_
OG "Sun Swirl", acrylic on 20x16" canvas board, framed, 2003. This design is the original; it was so popular that it is one of only two sun designs I've ever repeated. It was purchased by a friend who lived in New York.
"Sun Swirl"
sunthingspecial_sunswirl2014 sunthingspecial_sunswirlfall 
"Sun Swirl 2014"
"Sun Swirl, Fall", 2014, 20"x16", acrylic on stretched canvas, SOLD
"Sun Swirl 2", featured on the CBS Sunday Morning Gallery, January 27, 2019
sunthingspecial_WC_flygirlsunthingspecial_wheelintheskysunthingspecial_allthatglitters sunthingspecial_WC_glitters_owner
"Wheel in the sky", acrylic paint on found hubcap, 2012, donated to a fundraiser
"All that glitters", acrylic on abandoned hubcap, 2013 (limited edition, #2/20)
"The Greek Way", acrylic paint on found hubcap, 2014, one of 20 limited edition specially painted sun designs, SOLD
"Royal", acrylic paint on found hubcap, 2014, one of 20 limited edition specially painted sun designs, SOLD
 sunthingspecial_WC_girlpower sunthingspecial_WC_carolgirlpower
"Girl Power"
sunthingspecial_P_WC_fallenstar sunthingspecial_WC_glorydays
"Fallen Star"
"Glory Days"
sunthingspecial_hc_mystique sunthingspecial_hc_truth
"Truth", acrylic paint on abandoned hubcap, 2014, Contains the phrase "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth" by Buddha
sunthingspecial_hc_serenity sunthingspecial_hc_sundaymorning
"Sunday Morning"
sunthingspecial_wheelcover_funkalicious sunthingspecial_wheelcover_shineon
"Shine On"
sunthingspecial_goodmorning "Good Morning, Sunshine"
*"Pride", 8x10, original acrylic painting on canvas board, framed, 2003. This piece started off as a sunflower, but that wasn't working for me, so it became a sun. I added some pastels and charcoal to it as well. I named it "pride" but not in a bad way.
"Zodiac: Pisces", 8x10 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2010, framed, nfs
sunthingspecial_youaremysunshine sunthingspecial_gypsyrose
"You are My Sunshine", 8x8, original acrylic painting on canvas board with painted frame, 2008. One of my few paintings with writing on it. I feel like my husband is my sunshine. At the time I was painting this he was traveling extensively and I didn't want him to go. 
"Gypsy Rose", 11x14 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003. I am fascinated by suns, especially ones which show a partial view. I like the color combination of this one - the contrast of the bright blue sky against the oranges of the sun and the rose color in the face. My beloved Grandma Rose loved to travel and used to say she had "gypsy blood" so I named this after her. 
Seen on CBS Sunday Morning April 13, 2013, "2, 5, 10", acrylic on stretched canvas
"Secrets", 14x11 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, framed, private collection. This sun face makes me feel it is hiding more than its share of secrets.
sunthingspecial_mystery sunthingspecial_mifamilia
The original "Mystery" was begun in 2003 as a horizontal acrylic painting on an 11"x14" canvas panel. I wasn't happy with the way that was going, so I flipped it vertically. I had most of the painting done in 2003 but took a 5-year hiatus on it. I finished it in 2008 after discovering that I had to include the bottom of the nose. This painting is so textured and I love the colors and the fact that one eye is green and one eye is purple. (FYI - this condition is known as Heterochromia and is uncommon in humans, but quite common in dogs (such as Dalmatians and Australian sheep dogs), cats, and horses.) (P.S. One of my daughters had the idea to paint the blue moon on the star in the forehead - the perfect last touch!) 
"Mi familia", acrylic on stretched 20"x16", 2014, NFS
sunthingspecial_motherearth sunthingspecial_hcap_burningup
"Mother Earth", acrylic paint on found hubcap, 2014
"Burning Up", acrylic paint on found hubcap, 2014
sunthingspecial_WC_longwayhome sunthingspecial_WC_magic
"Long Way Home"