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SunthingSpecial_fieldofsunflowers SunthingSpecial_magentaflowers


Wish, Color Photograph, 2011, Maine          Home, Color Photograph, 2011, Maine

sunthingspecial_alonebutnolonely  sunthingspecial_strength
Alone but not lonely, 1998, Washington State       Strength, Color Photograph, 1998, Grand Canyon

sunthingspecial_whatwasleftbehind  SunthingSpecial_Eternity
What Was Left Behind, Color Photograph, 1998, Washington State         Eternity, Color Photograph, 1999, Rome 

sunthingspecial_broken-hearted sunthingspecial_lovehurts
Broken-Hearted, Color Photograph, 1996, Albuquerque Love Hurts, Color Photograph, 1996, Albuquerque

 sunthingspecial_sunflower_southwest  sunthingspecial_revelation
 Sunflower, Southwest, Color Photograph, 1996, New Mexico  Revelation, Cari Miller, Color Photograph, 2002, Oregon

SunthingSpecial_Grace  sunthingspecial_tearsofjoy
Tears of Joy, Cari Miller, Color Photograph, 2002, Oregon   Grace, Cari Miller, Color Photograph, 2002, Oregon

sunthingspecial_unexpected sunthingspecial_fireworksonmain
Unexpected, Color Photograph, 1995, Alaska 
"Fireworks on Main", 2011 Akron

"I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!" That is the primary reason I chose this set of sunflower postcards, but every one of them is outstanding! -- Shari Blakkey