sunthingspecial_memories sunthingspecial_evolution sunthingspecial_joy

"Memories", 12x25", $50, created during my "Blue Period". All the swirls represent memories we hold -- the darker the blue, the more they are buried inside of us. 

"Evolution", 10x20", framed, $50

"Joy", 11x33-3/4", acrylic on scrap wood, $65

 sunthingspecial_bloodontheirhands sunthingspecial_handwithmug 

"Blood on Their Hands", 16x20" acrylic on stretched canvas, 2019, $55. You could look at this as an abstract, but while I was creating it I was thinking the lighter red tones on the left were new blood, the darker tones on the right were old blood, and the black in the center was death. Those responsible for the deaths of innocent people don't seem to get "punished" very often, and living with "blood on their hands" doesn't seem to be an issue for them..

sunthingspecial_blue sunthingspecial_topsyturvy

"Mother and Child," 11-3/4"x9-3/4" on stretched canvas, 2013, $30

"Topsy Turvy", 16x20", $60

sunthingspecial_P_abs_salsa sunthingspecial_blue

"Salsa", 12"x12", $20

"Blue", 12"12", $20

sunthingspecial_candyhearts sunthingspecial_intothefray 

"Candy Hearts", 16x20" on stretched canvas, $60

"Into the Fray", 20x20", $100

sunthingspecial_tempo sunthingspecial_rhythm

"Rhythm", 12x9", $40

"Tempo", 12x9", $40


"Overheard, 1", 12x12", $25

"Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling", 9x12", $45

"Round and Round", 


"Chains", 12x12", $25


"Work in Progress", 8x10" box, $15

sunthingspecial_battleofthesexes sunthingspecial_prism

"Battle of the Sexes", $55

 "Prism", $55

 sunthingspecial_fearcanturnyourheartblack sunthingspecial_upinsmoke    

"Fear Can Turn Your Heart Black"

"Up in Smoke"

sunthingspecial_zanzibar sunthingspecial_boogie 

"Zanzibar", 14"x11", stretched canvas, 2011, $55


"Love in black, white and red," on scrap wood, 2013

"Pink," 11-3/4"x9-3/4" on stretched canvas, 2013

"The Scales of Justice," 20"x16" acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 2012

sunthingspecial_P_abs_redheartJulie sunthingspecial_rouondandround

"For the Dogs"
"Imperfect World"

sunthingspecial_firstdate sunthingspecial_tranquility1and2

"First Date", acrylic on 8x10" wood block

"Tranquility, 1 and 2" on wood block

 sunthingspecial_MM_love sunthingspecial_tightlywound

"Love", 8x8"

"Tightly Wound", 2013


Commission for Pritt Entertainment Group



"Chaos", 8x10"

Frozen", 12x12"

sunthingspecial_youandme sunthingspecial_overheard2

"You and Me", 8x10", acrylic on stretched canvas

"Overheard, 2", 12x12" acrylic on stretched canvas with lettering